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The latest regulation changes proposed by the Rallies Committee are available for consultation on the MSA website at:

This is a chance for club members to make their opinions and suggestions know to the MSA, and the Rallies Committee in particular. All responses to the consultation documents are sent to committee members for their infomation and are discussed in the committee meetings.
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The MSA can confirm that it is in negotiations with specialist UK company Kwiktrak (UK) Ltd regarding a live vehicle tracking system for UK stage rallying.

Both parties had originally anticipated that the system would be ready for introduction in a phased manner from the start of the 2017 season. However implementation has been delayed and it is intended that the system will be introduced at a later date, which will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, said: “We are pleased to be able to confirm that MSA is negotiating with Kwiktrak regarding the supply of a live vehicle tracking system, which will represent a very significant step forward for stage rally safety. Working towards a date for implementation has taken longer than we had anticipated however, and it is now clear that our previous target of the first events of the 2017 season was too optimistic. As soon as we are able, we will confirm a revised timetable for introduction.”

The proposed Kwiktrak system features bespoke software meeting the sport’s requirements, including – not limited to – being able to track up to 150 cars on any one event and provide coverage of up to four special stages simultaneously. There would also be a dashboard console allowing crews to communicate with Rally HQ in the event of an incident, including by voice if it is an emergency. An added benefit is that tracking data would be available to organisers and crews for up to 30 days following an event.


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MSA achieves closed-road motorsport for mainland Britain

THE best news about rallying in Wales for a LONG Time!!

Following extensive high level discussions between all parties in recent weeks, a totally new outline concept has been agreed for a deal to allow international and national level rallying to continue in Wales on the Natural Resources Wales (NRW) operated forestry estate.

Rally4Wales will manage a ‘self-repair’ team attending to the forest roads after each rallying activity, resulting in organising clubs working directly with Rally4Wales to enable repairs to be made. It is anticipated that costs will be in line with the pre-2016 forestry charges for at least the next three years.

Rob Jones, Chief Executive, said: “We are very pleased with the progress made. There are details and formalities to be agreed but the MSA is certainly optimistic.”

Jamie Edwards, founder of Rally4Wales, said: “This is an exciting, innovative new concept to sustainably underpin forestry stage rallying in Wales.”

Tim Jones, Executive Director Operations, North and Mid Wales for NRW, said: “There are still a few details to deal with, but we are optimistic that this innovative new approach will enable NRW to continue to host rallies into the future.”

All three organisations will provide further details in due course.

Joint statement on forest rallying in Wales